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Apartment is located above spa & wellness Essense, where you can relax in one of the 6 different saunas, enjoy a rejuvenating Thai massage or simply lay back and chill in the jacuzzi.
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We can offer you 6 different saunas, each one specially addressing a certain need, be it relaxation, medical needs, unwinding, improving your health, or well-being.
Finnish wood stove sauna

Experience a traditional wood fired stove Finnish sauna in a relaxing enviroment. Temperatures in Finnish saunas reach 80 – 90°C. This type of sauna is very dry with only 10% humidity. It stimulates sweating, removes toxins from your body and increases body resistance.
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Turkish sauna

Turkish saunas are characterized by 100% humidity, temperatures from 40 to 45°C. The pleasant fragrances of herbs and various essential oils strengthen lymphatic drainage and relax muscle tension, and make the skin volatile and soft.
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Hay sauna

You sit on a heated chair with your body covered. The back of the chair is filled with hay which allows the transfer of steam heated to 40°C. This type of sauna has therapeutic effects since it relieves tension and neck, shoulder and back problems. The beneficial effects of hay and herbs (lavender, camomile, and rosemary) cleanse the skin and respiratory passages.
Breadbath sauna

Lie down on a chest facing the fireplace and enjoy temperatures from 50-60°C, 10% relative humidity and the smell of the freshly baked bread which will take you to pleasant dreams. The sauna is heated using a traditional wood fired oven. During the relaxation you will have a chance to taste freshly baked home-made bread, bread slices, walnuts …
Rasul Sauna

The RASUL treatment takes place in an acoustic and romantically lit cabin for two with temperatures up to 45°C and with a relative humidity of 70%.
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BIO Panorama sauna

Finnish style BIO sauna with an amazing view of the outdoor.
Temperatures in BIO panorama sauna reach 56 –60°C, with relative humidity of 50-60%. It is a great choice for anyone who finds Finnish or Turkish saunas too intense. The sauna features a panoramic window looking out to nature.



Relax in a traditional THAI massage center.
Enter the world of complete relaxation under the hands of our most experienced masseuses as they slowly make you feel calm and re-energized.
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Thai massages are performed exclusively by experienced masseuses from Thailand, who are highly trained to perform all massage types in massage rooms, decorated in a typically Thai style.
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From neck to toes, discover the universe of relaxing body massages.


Say goodbye to stress with our special face, neck and cleavage massage in the midst of greenery and forests.

Pamper yourself and your baby with our massage, carefully designed for future moms.
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